Our courses provide opportunities to discover and explore engineering and technology in greater depth and build your expertise.

The Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering offers a variety of courses ranging from introductory 100-level classes to 800-level doctoral coursework in electrical and computer engineering (ECE), telecommunications (TCOM), and digital forensics (CFRS). Descriptions and prerequisites as well as further information about each one can be found in the catalog.

We encourage you to check out our syllabi to get more details about the courses we offer each semester.



Fall 2023 Syllabi

ECE/ENGR Courses



Spring 2023 Syllabi

ECE/ENGR Courses



Fall 2022 Syllabi

ECE/ENGR Courses



Spring 2022 Syllabi

ECE/ENGR Courses


The schedule of classes provides information about the date and time as well as other scheduling details. Students should consult an advisor before the start of each semester to plan their courses. The earliest time that students may register is based on their assigned time ticket.

In addition to our matriculated students, we welcome high-school matriculants, undergraduate non-degree as well as graduate non-degree students to take our courses provided they fulfill all prerequisites. Please visit admissions to get more information on how to register.

George Mason is a cooperating member of the Consortium of Universities of the Washington Metropolitan Area. Learn more about how to take electrical and computer classes through the consortium.

Contact our department or call 703-993-1569 to request further information.